Elders as Teachers

From 1996 to 2004 the Association of Interior Educators held camps throughout the Interior along the side of many rivers. At each camp a cadre of Elders from that area taught the teachers traditional ways and values, the teachers used the knowledge gained to develop curriculum units to be taught in the schools. Without the valuable knowledge and giving nature of the Elders, AINE would not have been successful in publishing indigenous curriculum. We are forever indebted to them for teaching us our Native ways. The following is a list of Elders who imparted their traditional knowledge.

1996 Old Minto Academy Camp Elders

  • Reverend Chief David Salmon

  • Johnson & Bertha Moses

  • Neal & Geraldine Charlie

  • Evelyn Alexander

  • Ellen Frank

  • Catherine Attla

1999 Huslia Academy Camp Elders

  • Butch Yaska

  • Steven Attla

  • Eliza Jones

  • Catherine Attla

2002 Arctic Village Academy Camp Elders

  • Dr. Rev. Gwich'in Traditional Chief Trimble Gilbert

  • Maggie Roberts

  • Florance Newman

1997 Dinyea Academy Camp Elders

  • Reverend Chief David Salmon

  • Lina Demoski

  • Elsie Pitka

  • Lillian Pitka

1998 Black River Academy Camp Elders

  • Reverend Chief David Salmon

  • Lina Demoski

  • Johnson & Bertha Moses

  • Kenneth Frank

2000 Halfway Academy Camp Elders

  • Rita Esmailka

  • Paulina Stickman

  • Lawana Sommer

  • Crispin Esmailka

2001 Gaalee'ya Academy Camp Elders

  • Howard Luke

  • Paulina Stickman

  • Pauline Peters

  • Lina Demoski

  • Selina Alexander

(Cultural Expert)

2003 Northway Academy Camp Elders

  • Flora Bergman-Johnson

  • Julius Sam

  • Martha Sam

  • Kenny Thomas

  • Harold Northway

  • Ada Gallen

  • Cora Maguire

2004 Rapids Academy Camp Elders

  • Edna Deacan

  • Hannah Maillelle