Past Projects

Reaching Arctic Communities Facing Climate Change: A Polar Learning and Responding (PoLar) Project

2018 Climate Change and My Community - Climate change influences our lives in Alaska and the changes occurring in the Arctic impact the entire planet. We held this workshop in June for educators, youth group leaders, and community members interested in learning about the impacts & feedbacks of a warming Arctic from personal to global scales. 


2016 Indigenous Exchange on Climate Change  - The intent of this forum was to provide participants with opportunities to share and learn more about Alaska’s changing climate. The participants heard from our Interior AK Native Elders and Alaska’s climate scientists about the following:

  • How climate change is affecting our land, animals, and fish that our ancestors and we have relied upon

  • Issues and information from arctic leaders and scientists, along with climate change education resources


2014 and 2016 Signs of the Land Camp Academy - These camp academies were held at Howard Luke

Gaalee’ya-Fairbanks, Alaska. The camp targeted Alaska Native educators, rural communities planners, leaders and individuals interested in learning about climate change. The academy goals were to:

  • Raise awareness and increase knowledge about climate change and its impacts in the Alaska

  • Provide tools for planning and decision-making

  • Increase the capacity for participants to serve as climate educators and communicators within their communities


Project Enhance:

Association of Interior Native Educators and Doyon Foundation partnered to increase the number of Alaska Native educators in the state through Project Enhance, which stands for Encouraging and Nurturing Highly Accomplished Native Certificated Educators. This two-year project focused on increasing the number of certified Alaska Natives or American Indians with an Associate or Bachelor Degree to become certified teachers and providing them with a range of professional development opportunities that included participating in the statewide Bilingual-Bicultural Conference.