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Association of Interior Native Educators has opened up membership to interested individuals that are supportive of AINE’s purpose:

  • Advocate for improvements in the educational system for Alaska Native students

  • Provide a forum for discussion of educational issues

  • Provide a support network for Alaska Native educators

  • Encourage the hire of Native teachers and administrators

Please feel free to encourage fellow educators, Elders, leaders, and community members to become part of AINE’s vital mission to continue the support about educational issues that are affecting our Native students.

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AINE membership will consist of:

  • Certified Members - Certified Alaska Native Educators

  • Degreed Members - Alaska Native/Native Americans who has a degree in education and working in the field of education

  • Student/Retired Educators - Alaska Native/Native American students pursuing a teacher certification or a retired educator

  • Honorary Members  - Alaska Native/Native American Elders;
    fifty-five and older

  • Associate Members - Non-degreed Alaska Native/Native
    American persons involved in education or interested in the goals of AINE

  • Affiliated Members - Non-native advocates involved in Alaska Native education; or interested in AINE goals.

As a member, you will receive a/an:

  • AINE Membership Card showing effective dates of your membership

  • AINE Electronic /or hardcopy Newsletters

  • 10% Discounts on all AINE materials

  • You will be entered into a drawing
    during our Annual Meeting, which will be held in May or June.

  • You will be represented at Regional, Statewide, National, and International events focused on Indigenous Education Issues

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If you feel this is the right membership for you, please fill out the fillable application. Once you complete the application, print, and send to AINE mailing address provided below with your membership fee. 

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Membership Fees:         

Certified/Degreed/Associate and Affiliate Membership Fee - $35.00

Student-Retired Membership Fee - $25.00

Honorary Membership Fee - $20.00

  Cash/Credit Card NOT Accepted at this time

Please make Money Orders, Purchase Orders, Personal & Cashiers checks payable to:



P.O Box 72051

Fairbanks, Alaska 99707

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