Association of Interior Native Educators (AINE) seeks to extend membership to individuals that are supportive of AINE’s mission:

"To Provide a Voice for Native Educators and Advocacy for Educational Issues

Affecting Alaska Native People".


You can become a member by filling out the application below and mailing it to AINE

with your membership fee

AINE membership will consist of:

  • Certified Members - Certified Native Educators

  • Degreed Members - Alaska Native/Native Americans who has a degree; and working in the field of education

  • Student/Retired Educators - Alaska Native/Native American students pursuing a Teacher Certification or a Retired Educator

  • Honorary Members  - Alaska Native/Native American Elders;
    fifty-five and older

  • Associate Members - Non-degreed Alaska Native/Native
    American persons involved in education; or interested in AINE goals

  • Affiliated Members - Non-native advocates involved in Alaska Native education; or interested in AINE goals

As a member, you will receive a/an:

  • AINE Electronic Newsletters

  • 10% Discounts on all AINE materials

  • You will be entered into an Annual Raffle

  • Be represented at Regional, Statewide, National, and International events focused on Indigenous Education Issues

Please make checks payable to:

Association of Interior Native Educators or AINE

P.O Box 72051

Fairbanks, Alaska 99707