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Learning Styles

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The intent of AINE’s Learning Styles Center is to positively and significantly impact the educational experience of students in Alaska schools by promoting classroom environments and educators that respond to diverse learning styles. The Learning Style Center provides professional development opportunities and resources for educators utilizing the Dunn and Dunn Model of Learning Styles. Learning style is the way each person begins to concentrate on, process, internalize and retain new information. 

Using the Dunn and Dunn model of learning styles, the AINE Learning Styles Center will offer the following professional development opportunities to Interior school districts between 2007 and 2009:


  • Basic Cognitive Learning Styles Summer Institute

  • Advanced Learning Styles classroom implementation support during the school year

  • Learning Styles for Administrators Training                  – a one-day workshop

Presentations and In-services:
  • One or Two Hour Presentations: A brief introduction to the Dunn & Dunn learning styles model and AINE's Learning Styles Center.

  • One-Half Day Presentation: An introduction to learning styles, an awareness of your own learning style, and interactive learning style activities.

  • The development of in-school Learning Styles coaches

  • National certification as a Learning Styles leader

  • One or Multi-Day In-service: In-service content is determined by the need of the school district or organization requesting services from the Learning Styles Center. It may include reviewing the 21 elements in the Dunn and Dunn learning styles model and related research, completing a learning styles inventory, participating in interactive learning styles activities, integrating learning styles lesson planning, or creating learning styles tools and materials.

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